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  • Companies and organisations across the UK need your feedback about the brands, products and services you use. We recruit people to take part in Qualitative market research interviews covering a wide range of topics.

    This is your chance to say what you think and the best bit is, you get paid for giving us your opinion. What you say can play a decisive role in the development of products and services so your opinions are very valuable.

    How does it work?

    First you register…

    You can register your interest in taking part by completing and submitting a quick and easy questionnaire. You then become eligible to be contacted regarding any projects we are working on.


    We will email you to let you know of any new projects we are recruiting for that could suit you. Project details can also be found on Facebook and on Twitter. If you are interested you can either call or email to let us know.

    As each project is different we need to make sure you fit the recruitment criteria exactly by taking you personally through a questionnaire and if you fit the bill then you would be invited to take part. You will then be sent details of where and when the interview is to take place.

    The interview…

    Taking part is the fun bit as the interviews are informal and you will be provided with refreshments. You now have your opportunity to give your opinions which may help develop future products and services.

    At the end of the interview you will be paid for taking part, this can range from £10 for an online questionnaire, £30 – £40 for taking part in a group interview up to £100 for the more complex project interviews.

    All comments from those interviewed will be treated anonymously and, in accordance with the Data Protection Act, personal details in respect of the research will be kept confidential and not used for any purpose beyond the specific project. No one outside the companies involved in the survey is ever allowed to know your name and address.

    We only use a particular respondent once every 6 months but you can remain on our database for as long as your are happy to do so. You are free to unsubscribe from the database at any time.


    Find Fieldwork Solutions abides by the Market Research Society code of conduct and is a registered Data Controller under the 1998 Data protection Act. For details of our Privacy policy click here.

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  • What is qualitative market research?

    Qualitative research aims to discover why people do what they do.

    • Focus group – an informal group of 7 – 8 people gathered together in a venue for 1hr – 2hrs. The moderator (interviewer) asks you a range of questions and generates a fun and lively discussion.
    • Depth interview – this is usually a one to one interview, either face to face, on the phone or even on line and can last from 30 minutes upwards.
    • Paired depths/ friendship pairs/friendship groups – interviews were only a couple or more people are interviewed together, sometimes with a friend.
    • Accompanied Shopping Trip – You could be invited to go to your usual store and do a shop with a moderator tagging along and asking questions throughout the process.
    • On line forum/ bulletin board – You may be invited to join an online forum or post your comments on to an online bulletin board. This can be a one off session; sometimes it may take place over several days.

    You will be interviewed by experienced interviewers who will ensure your privacy and anonymity is safeguarded so you can feel confident to say what you really think.